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General Information and School Prospectus

St. Antony’s Convent School, Adampur established, owned and administered by the
Diocese of Jalandhar, registered charitable S society, as one among its several prestigious schools all over Punjab and certain parts of H.P. This is an unaided minority educational institution with all its privileges guaranteed by the Supreme Constitution of India, under the Articles 29, 30 (1). His Excellency, the Catholic Bishop of Jalandhar, appointed by the Holy Father (Pope) in Rome is the patron of this school and the president of the society. The main aim of the school is to provide a sound,
value based and emancipating education, designed to train its pupils to live for God and humanity, by
developing their multifarious talents through manifold activities, be it moral, spiritual, intellectual, social or professional. The school strives to maintain a student-friendly ambiance
and encourages its wards to develop analytical, creative and independent thinking habit and assists the students to possess holistic perspectives, all round developments, positive thinking attitude and sound domain of knowledge with particular applications of it in daily living situations.