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The Diocese of Jalandhar, registered charitable society with its administrative headquarters at Jalandhar, has established a number of convent schools in Punjab and Parts of Himachal Pradesh. The Catholic Church through these institutions offers its contribution to our Nation in the dissemination of holistic and value based knowledge. By striving to maintain academic, professional, and moral excellence these schools provide for the all-round formation of the human personality as much for one's own personal enrichment ....

About St. Antony‘s Convent School


St. Antony's Convent School derives its name from St. Anthony of Padua. A native of Lisbon, Portugal, St. Antony was baptized Ferdinand Bouillon He joined the Canons Regular of St. Augustine in 1210. But the sight of the bodies of the first Franciscan Martyrs brought back fromMorocco 10 years later inflamed him with a desire for martyrdom. His brethren therefore permitted himto join the newly founded Mendicant Order of St. Francis D' Assisi.Humble to the core, Anthony considered his preaching and ministry, nay his whole life, as a service,thereby winning over innumerable souls for Christ; lasting reconciliation of enemies took place,common debtors were released from prison, brigands turned to an honest trade,....

Thought Of The Day

Time management is important to ensure that time is accounted for and valued.


Is to produce responsible, smart and confident citizens of India who will uphold our constitution in the world.


Is to mould the children into intellectually mature, morally upright,emotionally stable, spiritually inspired, socially committed and patriotically devoted one.

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